How to get singeleselect value id?

Hi, I’m trying to make a script to set the single select value when a button is pressed. However, it requires an id. How would I get the id of my single select value?

Example of a working script which I’d like to duplicate & set it to another value, the script is fired with a button:

let table = base.getTable("©️ Copyright infringements");
let record = await input.recordAsync('',table).catch()

await table.updateRecordAsync(, {
    "Status" : {
        "id": "sel3MYJB5QL4jKFdg", 
        "name": "Approved internally", 
        "color": "cyanLight2"


you don’t need id and color. Use name only

to clarify: object {‘name’:‘some_value’}, some_value should exist among available options. if not, you need to edit options at first

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