How to Group Multi-Select or Linked Record differently?

How do I Group the multi-select field or the Linked filed to where it will show only one option vs Grouping the 2 or 3 I have in the original record?

I am tracking my Daughters Daily Symptoms, mood, meds, etc.

Here I am grouping the Symptoms. How do I only show the 1 Symptom vs showing all 3 from that day? Maybe I have this setup wrong for what I’m trying to do.


Any thoughts?

Thank you!


Hi Hanna!

I would use an auxiliary table, what has extra advantages: Then you could Group in that extra table by the singular Symptom.

You could also extract the first Symptom with a Formula field and something like this: Split First and Last Names

Hope that helps 🤷

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Thanks Elias for commenting! I created the Symptoms as Linked Records and created a table for it. I guess then just grouping by name. That’s a lot of tables to look at to Group what I’m wanting, but I believe that’s what I want.

I’ll have to read more about the Formula field and extracting the Symptom.

Thanks again for the help! :slight_smile:

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