How to have one column link to / look up from two different tables?


Hello Airtable community!

Here’s the situation. I have three tables:

  1. Features
  2. Feedback notes
  3. Survey responses

“Feedback notes” and “Survey responses” both have a column labeled “Feedback” and another column labeled “Feature”. The “Feature” column links to the “Features” table and the “Feedback” column is just text. As an example I could have “Feedback” from “Feedback notes” and “Survey responses” both linking to a single feature - “Feature 1” from the “Features” table.

I want to create a new table called “Product Feedback” that combines the feedback from “Feedback notes” and “Survey responses” so that I can see all of the “Feedback” on a single page. I want to have a single column called “Feedback” that lists the feedback from both “Survey responses” and “Feedback notes”.

I have been able to achieve this with three columns: one column that performs a lookup on “Feedback” notes, another that performs a lookup on “Survey responses” and a third that has an IF() statement that populates based on whether the first or second column is filled. That’s the easy part. I want to do the same thing, but maintain the link to my “Features” table. I want to have a “Features” column that is able to lookup the “Feature” from “Feedback notes” and “Survey responses” while maintaining the link to the respective feature. Is this possible?


Is it possible to have a table where 1 column is able to link to / lookup from 2 other tables.


Is it possible to create a column that Links to my “Features” table that I can use a formula to populate?