How to Hide Empty Rows in the Grid View?

How can I hide the EMPTY rows in the grid view? I am trying to group by month and it shows a blank line after each grouping. Takes up too much space and looks messy.

Can I also get rid of the “Count” on the right side as well – just looks like clutter to me.

Welcome to the community, Tira! :smiley: Unfortunately there’s currently no way to hide the blank line that Airtable puts at the bottom of each group. You’ve probably figured out that it’s there to allow you to add something to that group. I can see why you might want to hide it if all you want to do is view the data and not edit it, but it’s not something you can toggle at this time. Same thing goes for the “Count” indicator that sits at the top of the primary field in each group.

thank you. Airtable seems great, but it definitely has some weird quirks.