How to hide hidden fields in shared base view?

I see when sharing a grid view link, users can’t see and therefore can’t click on the hidden fields, but when I create a base view link, the blue box with the hidden fields can be seen and clicked on. Is there no way to hide the hidden fields in base view?

I was hoping to give users just 1 link so they can see the whole base with all the tables. If I can’t hide the hidden fields (with lots of formula workings), I’ll have to create 23 grid view links, 1 for each table! Hoping I’m missing something obvious here. Any help would be greatly appreciated it!

I am afraid there is no native solution for that (without using some external tools like Stacker i guess). Permission control is a field where Airtable is not at its strongest unfortunately, and is also making our live more complicated than ot should :frowning:
We also have a problem where we dont want people to see all tables in a base just thouse relevant to them, but when you add someone to the base he can see everything and you cant change that

Thanks for your reply. That’s frustrating re: your current problem. I hope you can find a workaround. I’ve been looking at Stacker the last few days. That’s what I would like in the future. So I can have everything on my own website and also have it set up like a membership site where everyone has their own login. I found Stacker pretty basic though and way overpriced.

I found a short-term solution for my issue. Maybe you’ve considered it. I made a copy of my Airtable base, and with the original (that I will show users) copied the formula results into new columns, then deleted the columns with my formulas/calculations in (so there’s no fields to hide). It was a pain to do with 23 tables (!) but I got it done in about an hour. I have to delay my launch a day but at least I can sleep soundly tonight!

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