How to I programmatically add singe and multiple select fields


I’m using the Airtable api, and trying to update a record and add varous tags to an entry ( formatted as a multiple select field ). This is really a two part questions I guise. One, is it possible to create multipe choice entries, if they do not already exist as options ( dynamically create them ). Two, I can’t seem to even get it to work when I do add the options through the GUI. For instance right now im doing the following

            base('Companies').update(id, {
            "Categories": categories,
        }, function(err, record) {
            if (err) { console.error(err); return; }

Where categories is an array of strings. What am I doing wrong ?


Today, it is not possible to modify a table’s schema via the API. So you cannot do actions like add columns or modify the values in a multiple select.

For the second part, your code looks okay to me. Can you share what your categories variable looks like and what error you are seeing?