How to ignore Some Json Data sent to a field in a Table

Hi Everyone,

I am abit new to Airtable and I am trying recieving Json data from an external server which I then load into a table. One of the things it sends is an array of data which always causes the data sending to fail so I want airtable to ignore it. Is that possible with a formula?
Or alternatively is ther a field type that can take arrays through Json data?

How is the JSON data loaded into Airtable?

Not that I’m aware of, but I do store JSON data in long string fields from time-to-time using the API. I also use the attachment field type to store Airborne search indexes and those are pure JSON documents.

Hi Bill. Thanks for the quick reply . it is being loaded through a push URL. What would be pushed would look something like this .

“fields”: {
“action”: “NewSubscription”,
“msisdn”: “123456789”,
“networkid”: “123”,
“networkname”: “Network Name”,
“country”: “South Africa”,
“keyword”: “keyword”,
“shortcode”: “123”,
“campaignid”: “123”,
“campaignname”: “Some Campaign Name”,
“subscriptionid”: “123”,
“timestamp”: “2017-11-20 13:56:34”,
“triggerparams”: [“key”:“123”,“key2”:“123”,“key3”:“123”],

I want to either find a way to ignore the triggerparams field or find a field type that can read it.

Pushed from your server to where and how?

One way to be certain the triggerparams field is ignored is to remove it from the payload just before the push. Are you able to do that?

payload.fields[triggerparams] = null;

it is being pushed from a different server I do not have access to.

Currently, the payload will be sent automatically by the server that I mentioned above using the URL I gave them. I won’t be able to influence anything before the push.

And that URL is the API endpoint for Airtable?