How to implement dependent drop-down feature using airtable?

Hi Team,

I have created 1 view and 1 form within air table. As soon as i submit the form 1 row gets inserted in the view. Subsequently, The view is attached to Run Script which gives call to external REST API.

Below are the fields displayed on the form. FYI. I have mentioned the fields type as well in the bracket.

Field names: customer(Single Select),source category(Multiple Select) and source url(Long text) ,target category(Multiple Select),target url(Long text) and email(Single Line text) etc.

Requirement: I would like to dynamically pre-filled the source category and target category fields based on the selection of the value of customer field.

Could you please guide and point me to the example/link where i can get idea how this is possible to do in air table?

Hi @Manoj_Dhake
Airtable forms are quite simplistic but they do have conditional questions and have a feature that lets you ‘prefill’ the fields based on unique URL:
If this does not meet your needs you may want to look into other form solutions, JotForm is popular with Airtable users.

@Vivid-Squid .Thank you for your suggestion.

I have multiselect field type in the form which also need to be auto populated. I tried to fill this field as mentioned in the documenation here But it didn’t work for me.

Do you know how to pre-fill field having multi select field type?

Please find screen shot of my form along with form url. The pre-fill url which i have tried so far.


You may want to use @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms app to help you create your form links:

@ScottWorld .
I would like to display the multi select field with some static values. And as per my understanding, The purpose of Prefilling-a-form/Prefilled Forms App is different than my requirement. Instead of selecting the values on the form, I wants to create static list for multi select field type.
I am aware of the way to define static values as option using below option. But the problem is that my static values are different for each customer. So, I wants to maintain single form as well.

e.g. The form should look as below after i hit the pre-filled form link. Keep in mind that, the values for Source Category are just displayed as static list but not selected any value.

That is not possible with Airtable’s forms. You can only do that with the form from, or the combination of JotForm + On2Air: Forms.

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@ScottWorld ow it’s possible to implement dynamic drop down feature with Miniextension? Can you please point me to example?

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