How to implement "scale" answer-type in a form?

Im trying to build a question pool where people should answer with a value on a scale. Like the “opinion scale” in typeform or “linear scale” in google forms.
I seem not to find a solution on this.

The problem lies in the description of the extremes: What I tried is to build the extreme’s description into the question itself (in the format of “question? 1:low extreme answer 5: high extreme answer”), but with these they just seem to be too long for the cells to fit.
I inserted them into a new base, converted them to become column headers (by importing a copypasted set from a sheet).
So the looks like this:
and then realized part of the text is trimmed. Here, in the header already. So obviously if i generate the form view, it will be trimmed too.

Tried updating them manually in form, but changes done in the form view are not reflected in the grid view that i consider the “database”.
Updating them manually without changes reflected in grid is no solution, I need a way to generate a new form from any subset of the question pool in a timely manner, i cannot update every form created.
Is there any other way I could try? Thank you!

Yes, thats exactly why I started to include the extremes into the question - so the answer could be a star as a scale. However the problem is not the type of the field, but the question not fitting into the field.

That would be awesome, however I assumed that would require manual modification. Can I somehow generate text there automatically from my main base?

Thank you. I updated the question. I do not want to update a form dynamically, but i do not want to modify it once generated if changes are not refelcted in the grid view, because i would need to do this multiple times for the same question over and over.

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