How to import JSON array as CSV?

I want to import a JSON dataset. I know I can’t import JSON, but I know I can convert the JSON first to CSV, which is importable.

The problem with that is my dataset contains arrays inside the JSON object, eg.:

         "variations": [

In a JSON-to-CSV convertor, this comes out as multiple columns, variations/1, variations/2, variations/3 etc

That is not appropriate since, in Airtable, I want the “variations” field to be a Multi-select.

How can I accomplish this?

I use Integromat for this, which is a low-code automation & integration platform with full support for Airtable. Integromat is setup to process JSON by default.

But you could probably also write your own custom JavaScripts to handle this as well.

There might be other ways of doing this, too.

That’s the method that I would recommend, @Robert_Andrews. The Scripting app allows you to ask the user for a file, so you could directly load the JSON file, parse it, and update your base accordingly.

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