How to include quotation marks in the formula field


I want to generate HTML code for a link so I can merge a URL into an email. So I need something like:

“<a href=” &""" & {Article URL}& “”" & “>article”

But this doesn’t work. Is there a way to ensure that the formula can produce a "?


well I found a solution but it ain’t pretty.

I created a field named “quote”, then filled all the records with ", then used concatenate. worked like a charm.


Can you try “”" ? Same for ‘’’. You can also do “’” (double quotes around a single quote) and ‘"’(single around double), but those are less general.


wow, nice! much easier than my solution ^^


Thanks for those ingenious solutions. I like your workaround Klaus, but Alexander’s code looks the simpler. It’s good to have a back stop.


Those don’t seem to work for me. I had to back to creating a “quote” field and concatenating it.


I had a similar issue, I found a support about a bug around this. I ended up putting quotes around my link text and using:
"<a href="&{URL}&">link here</a>"


That’s odd.

In tests, both of these worked:

'<a href="'&URL&'">Click here</a>'
"<a href=\""&URL&"\">Click here</a>"

Because of @Chester_McLaughlin’s bug report from a while back, I tested using a lookup field and a single-select value for {URL}, and both worked, as well. (I also embedded a double quote in the middle of {URL} — an impossibility, I know — to test Chester’s scenario, and the formula functioned properly.)

Anyone still having problems with this, could you post a copy of the formula that failed? (Enclose the code in backticks like this mark here ` or precede it on a new line with 4 spaces to make sure the forum doesn’t reformat your quotation marks.)



Thanks. That works well now.