How to insert a link on image or attachment

I want to add social media icons with the links in Airtable to improve my airtable embed view. I wouldn’t like to present this as a naked URL, it looks monotonous.

Check out these tools:

I think you might have misread the request. I believe that @rishi_shah wants to put clickable icons into a table; e.g. clicking a Twitter icon in a field will open Twitter to a specific profile page. It’s kind of an extension of the button beta that was recently announced, except Rishi wants to use an image instead of text. I’m going to move this to the Product Suggestions category.

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Oh, I see. That’s a nice request! It does sound like an extension of the button beta — where perhaps we could add previews or images to buttons.

Button beta

If you have a PRO subscription, You can try signing up for the Button field beta.

This post has the link for the form to sign up for the beta.

While you cannot put an image on the button, you can use emoji as the label for the button.

However, because this is still a beta feature, you should be cautious about using it in a publicly embeded view.

Rich text

You can also make urls prettier by using rich text fields. You cannot include an image, but you can have regular text display as the link, hiding the naked url.

On disadvantage to this method is that the urls have to be hand coded in the rich text. You cannot use a formula for the url. (One workaround is to use formula field to create the url, and have Scripting block copy the value from the formula field to the rich text field.)

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Thanks @Justin_Barrett for understanding the requirements. I love the airtable embedded view and I would like to present the social link as icon. Because naked url looks monotonous.

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