How to integrate Evernote and Airtable through ifttt, if creating a new note then save in Airtable?


Every time I tried to run this recipe, the ifttt will say “action skipped”. I was so confused. Anyone can help me? Thanks so much!


I’ve just tested and it works. Check the applet log.

Be sure to enter the name of the Table, and to use this format for the record:

More info:


Hi Elias,@Elias_Gomez_Sainz

Thanks for your reply. I have learned the tips before setting up the recipe. Here is what happened after running the applet. What I want to accomplish is to save Evernote created time to Airtable “Date” line and Evernote link to Airtable “Evernote”. How to figure it out? Thank you.



I don’t know because I don’t use Evernote, but maybe problem is with the formats (i’m thinking on the Date format). Maybe you have to investigate there.


thanks mate, i’ll try it out.