How to keep dates in order

Hi, i’m having an issue, i have a base with around 80 new lines, with a date and time. I tried to organise it manually by days and hours, but it seems that it gets messy all the time, maybe when i’m looking for an information using a filter. Is there a way to lock the place of each line based on the date ?
Right now i have to sort it “1-9” in order to have then reorganized, but i don’t understand it doesn’t stay like i wanted it ordered… can you help me please ?

When using Airtable’s sort feature, you should see a switch in the sort setup that says, “Keep sorted”. This will ensure that the records stay sorted, even as you add new ones to the table.

Also, if you’re not already using multiple views, that may also help. Perhaps have one view that shows all the records sorted by date, and another one where you can apply filters to search for specific things. Only use the second view for filtering, and leave the main view with everything sorted by date.

Do either of these ideas help?

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