How to keeping adding to the same record using Airtable REST API

Hi, I’m currently developing a WhatsApp chatbot using Node.js. I’m implementing a functionality where the bot stores the specific responses from the users in airtable columns. But when I was going through the community I found out that it’s not yet possible to create columns programmatically. So for time being, I wrote a program that updates the field say Responses

The problem I’m facing is when I call the update function it overwrites the existing record. Is there a way I can append the new value to the existing record without overwriting the old value?

You’ll have to retrieve the old value first and append the new value to it. There isn’t a way to issue an API call that will append field data. All updates are replacements.

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Oh okay, Thank you for the reply. Appreciate your help.

Hi, is there a way I can create columns programmatically? I read the scripting document but it only allows using the Scripting App. Any alternative or way to create columns using Node.js?

Fields can also be created in custom extensions (extensions used to be apps which used to be blocks, and the SDK is still called the “blocks SDK”):

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