How to link a date field to a Calendar


I am using Airtable for Sales CRM.

I want to link a follow up date field to a calendar.

I have been trying for hours on end and cannot find a way to do this - please can someone advise me?

Thank you kindly in advance.


What you mean? You can create a calendar View and show records based on a Date (all of them).


I cannot get it to link to the field I want Elias.

When I click on the link to field, the column I want to link to does not work.

Please can you advise me? :slight_smile:

Thank you


Can you please provide a bit more detail about exactly how your tables are set up, and the specific steps you’re following? Right now it feels like some details are missing that would help clarify the situation, and also help us guide you towards a solution.

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