How to link Attachment Records from Different Tables?

Hi there

I am using airtable as OPS CRM Tool. Basically the Customer makes a Request (REQ-001) with description of the products he is looking for. Airtable then matches the description and link all PRODUCT MODELS with that Request. So on the tab REQUESTS it links all the models from the tab PRODUCT MODELS that fit that request.

I would like to Batch download the Images of those products per Request (To make it easier to send to the customer, currently we are doing it manually). but there isn’t yet a built in solution for that unless you use Zapier.

That said, I need create a column called “Pictures” on tab REQUESTS and link that column with the column “PICTURES” of the tab PRODUCT MODELS and get all those pictures there. So then I can use Zapier and batch download it per request.

Is this possible? Thanks a lot!

I found a solution.

1- USE LOOK UP formula to Link the ATTACHMENT columns between Two Tables

2- USE ZAPIER with an Airtable VIEW of that Tab ( so youDownload only the Attachments you want ) - Detailed explanation - Look for: [How do you export attachments?] /t/how-do-you-export-attachments/23781)

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