How to link two tables automatically?

So I have a base with 2 tables - one containing the funding round details (FRD) which includes name of Startup, amount and investor

And another table solely for investors - which I wish to import data from Investors column in FRD table.
Now, the investor in FRD is input as a long text which is comma separated.

I wanted the Investor table to automatically import this data from investor column - and import it into separate rows - with startup name on the side.

I know something like linked record exists, but even there I have to manually select the investor - whereas I simply copy and paste data from the net, thats why I want the investor column data to automatically be imported in the other table.

How can I make it happen? Sharing link for sample base for your reference, please guide.


add new field in FRD, choose type ‘Link to another record’
copy-paste investor column in it.
now switch to other table

Thanks for the help Alexey!

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