How to Lookup from another table

Hi, I have a question about the Lookup function.

I have a base whose structure is like the following images. I have three tables containg different master data respectively and one “main” table.

Now, I’d like to assign people to the “Assignees” column in the “main” table. The assignees are expected to be automatically selected from the “Assignees” table soon after a new record is created with the “Company” and “Category” columns being filled in in the “main” table. How can I do that?

Thank you.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

It looks like you want to fill in in the {Assignees} field in the [Main] table with a record from the [Assignees] where the company and category in the [Main] record match those in the [Assignees] record.

In Airtable, you cannot use a “lookup” for this. In Airtable, a “lookup” is for getting a related value in the same table as a linked record.

Instead, it looks like you want to create the initial record link (although you currently have a single line text field for the assignee).

One way of doing this is with scripting.

If there will only be one company and one category in the [main] record, it could also be done with an automation and a “find records” action. However, it looks like you have multiple linked records in the {Category} field, and the “find records” approach will not work.

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