How to make a formula field that adds to itself

I have print shop.
And I have a need to calculate the useful usage of printing roll.
For example, I know that the roll is 100meters, so if I add all printed jobs between replacements (ex.89meters), I know that my useful usage is 89%.
So I have this table with fields (order#, meters, date roll changed, #number5) where #number5 right now filled manually.
How can I replace it with formula field doing same comulative function between roll changes.

This is one way where Airtable is very different from a spreadsheet. What you want is a running total, and Airtable formulas cannot calculate a running total (at least not without resource intensive workarounds).

I suggest one of the following

  • using a linked record field for the roll with a rollup to sum the meters used
  • looking into the running total script
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