How to make a master-detail form/view?

Newbie question: how do I make a form or view where I see one row in the ‘master’ table, e.g. Order, and I see all the associated records in the ‘detail’ table, e.g. Order Line?

I found this feature request from a couple of years ago but I’m hoping Airtable now has some way to do this fundamental way of looking at data?

In my particular case I’d like users to be able to browse through records in my ‘master’ table, seeing a handful of fields in the selected master record, and see a tabular display of the associated records in the detail table. I’ll have a couple of buttons (or similar) allowing them to perform actions on the master record they’re currently viewing (e.g. Approve, Reject, triggering a script block to run for that record).



If I’m reading your post, and the one you linked to, correctly, I think this can be easily done by expanding a record in your “master” table and then clicking on any linked records that you like. This can be done many layers deep, so you should be able to drill down as far as you’d like.

You can read more information in the documentation

And here are some example screenshots to help show this using one of the starter bases.

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