How to make a specified invoice


I’m trying to make an invoice that needs to be specified.
I’ve been using ‘Super charge your client management with your automatic invoice creation

I can add the different items I want to charge but I can’t figure out how to show the individual amounts or prices as they line up horizontally divided by a ‘,’ instead of vertically.
Is it possible to stack a look up?


I’m not sure what sort of field the green box represents, but if it’s a lookup or a rollup field, change it to a rollup field using ARRAYJOIN(values,'\n') as the aggregation function. That will concatenate your list of prices with a newline character as a separator value, which Page Designer will treat as a line-break. A little dithering with the line height should allow you to match leading with your item entries — or you may find it easier to rollup your item list in a similar manner.

I made extensive use of similar tricks in my Black Mirror base and a recent base tracking football win/loss records. In general, I always position fields in Page Designer by entering absolute X/Y offsets rather than drag-and-drop; it makes life so much simpler, especially when trying to align multiple multi-line fields.


I think you have not a “Line Items” table, and you are linking Invoices directly to Products, how are you saving the quantity of items buyed?

Anyway, you need to have a Quantity, Price, etc fields in the Line Items table, and then you could show those Line Items in the Invoice in a table format, with columns for the fields that you want. You want something like this?


Thank you for this tip - it works beautifully