How to make a table with multiple linked fields

I’m building a CRM and have a main table titled “contacts” with all the data on every single person in it. I’d like to create a new table titled “Locations” where each view is a different linked table. The views would be “By state” “By City” and “By Country” each view would be a linked table pulling from the main columns on the “Contact” table which has the information of someone’s city, state, and country.

I can’t seem to figure this out and am wondering if it’s even possible. The closest I’ve gotten is creating multiple tables that are linked records pulling from different columns in the “Contacts” tab. But I’d like to combine them.

If I understand right, you have a contacts base with Contacts adress: “State”, “City”, “Country”.
Why you just don’t create new views in this table, that are grouped by “State”, “City”, “Country” fields?
Or I missunderstood something?

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