How to make link to Interface public?

I used the information from my base to create an interface. Now, I’d like to share that interface to the public. Is there a way I can do that?


You can currently only share an interface with people who are collaborators on the base. If you want to share the interface with someone who is not yet a collaborator, they will be made a collaborator (with the associated fees$.


Upvote, I’d also really like this!
Interfaces are a lot prettier and customizable than public galleries, and I would like to use that!

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Just want to bump this, it would save a lot of work/troubleshooting if I could roll it out as a lightweight dashboard tool instead of having to work with a third-party front end. Thanks.


Bumping as I would pay good money for this to be a standalone feature (ability to integrate this into my website). Softr has some functionality as far as this goes but not this extensive

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