How to make linked fields details expandables/viewable in private (external) links?

Hi there folks!

I’m encountering this kind of issue with one of my private links to a specific view:

The view I’m refferring to contains fields with links to records in other tables. When people use the private link to access the view, they’re able to see it, but can’t do anything when it comes to linked fields.

I’d like to make them able to click on the linked record and allow them to read all the details of it. Is there any way to do it?

Hi @Francesco_Basso,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :smiley:

From the context of your question I get that you are sharing a view only link to a specific view, correct? In this case no they cannot see the details of the linked field since it is practically in another table which they do not have access to.

You have 2 options in that case:

  1. Give them access to the full Base

  2. Use lookup fields to bring the data you want them to see into this table.