How to Merge "Link to Other Records" Across Multiple Columns Then Pivot Table?


Hi all!

I love using Airtable and our business is beginning to rely on it!

Here’s the structure of my existing data. I am trying to get product list rows as follows:

Generic Ounce Indica - 5
Generic Ounce Sativa - 8
Pax Pod - 3

Right now, I have separated all the products in a given order to ensure the quantities are separate. Here’s a screenshot of that table:

Any help? I have it working in a Pivot Table as follows.

But that’s only the “Item 1” column. I have 9 item columns so I need to somehow merge them first so the pivot table has all the counts for each individual product.

Any help would be much appreciated. Will send a Starbucks gift card your way :slight_smile: