How to move column field in grid view

Is it possible to move (reorder) columns in grid view? I can’t seem to move them at all.

You can’t move the first column (which is the primary field), but you can move the other columns. Just drag-and-drop the column headers.

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Scott, I do appreciate your taking the time to answer such a simple question however I have tried several times to move the adjacent fields to both right or left and it appears they are able to be moved but when I let go of the cursor the field snaps back to its original position.

Is there some kind of lock?

Thanks in advace.

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Yes, a view can be locked — but your screenshot shows that your view is unlocked. Make sure that you’re dragging the column far enough to move positions.

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Oh well, I better stop before I kick the cat. I’ve tried moving all the way over to the last column. No luck. I click the title of the field say the “Date Recorded” hold the left mouse button down, drag all the way to the right. The cursor turns into a hand and the entire column grays out as I move it to the right. I it all the way t o the right and let go of left mouse button and the “Date Recorded” field just snaps back and stays where it is.

I must be having a brain freeze or something. It must be something real simple.

Not sure. This is basic functionality that is built into Airtable. It sounds like the problem is on your side — maybe try a different web browser.

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You can also try re-ordering columns by using the drag handles in the “Hide fields/hidden fields” control.

If that doesn’t work, I recommend standard troubleshooting procedures: trying to move columns in a different table/base, closing & restarting Airtable, restarting the computer, contacting customer support, etc.


I think it’s a browser issue as I’m able to move columns on my IPad but not Chrome.


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