How to move one table with all the multiple views to another base?


Hi, dear all talent folks,
I’m a new user on Airtable. I’ve been using this wonderful new invented app in the past weeks.

I recently found a question that literally I’m able to move one table with only one view to another base, simply using the cmd+c/cmd+v, but I’d have to adjust some filed, for instance, that the formula field cannot be pasted.

I’m wondering if there is any way that can realize these following functions;
1). Can I move one table to another base with all the review which depends on this table? For instance, I have a table A with 5 different views (2 Grid views, 1 Kanban, 1 Calendar, 1 Gallery).
2). Is there any way that I can copy/past all the field from what it is, for instance, the completed migration from the formula, the current way that I’ve told is impossible to move the entire filed, for instance that the Formula will be auto-revised as a “short line text” field

I also tried export/import the table, also the same issue.

Please advice…
Thank you.


I think you can’t, all that work should be done manually: copy data (as you have done), and recreating Views and Filters.

Anyway, can you give us more context on your use case and the reasons to do that?


Hi Elias,
I edited my post, could you please have a look?

hi other folks, any advice helps. thanks