How to move to next column using Airtable API in node.js

Hi, I’m writing a program in Node.js using Airtable api that reads from my Airtable table and send the content to students on WhatsApp. I have a table with following columns.

Name | Number | Unit 1 Text | Unit 1 File | Unit 2 Text | Unit 2 File and so on

What I’m trying to achieve is at every NEXT button click I have to send a new unit. For eg:

Send Unit 1
Next button click
Send Unit 2
Next button click
Send Unit 3

and so on…

I need help with the method that move through columns of a particular row?

Any advice or solution is appreciated !
Thank you

Hi @RSk
base.getTable() will return an array of fields ordered left to right.

Are you referring to Scripting, the REST API, or the Metadata API?

If you are referring to Scripting, I think you mean table.fields. However, it sounds like RSk is using the REST API, and you cannot get a list of fields that is guaranteed to be complete from the REST API.

In any case, the array of fields is not necessarily in the order that appears in a particular view. I believe that the order is the order in which the fields were created, and they could have been re-arranged since then, as different views can show different fields in different orders.


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