How to move to next field when typing in a Long Text field in Chrome on Windows?

I’m reposting this request because my original was closed 15 days after a single reply by a Mac user who suggested a solution that is Mac specific (thanks for the suggestion, though) that didn’t translate to Windows because as speculated, it maps to the Switch Applications hot key combination ().

So let’s try this again and hope that some with Windows experience replies within 15 days.

I’m on Chrome (latest) on Windows 10 (21H1). I cannot find a key combination that will move the cursor out of a Long Text field. The usual suspects including Esc, “Tab” in various combinations with Alt, Shift and Ctrl don’t do it!

I hate having to take my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse just to move to the next cell and then try to find the “home row” on my keyboard accurately with barely perceptible index finger markers.

Thanks in advance, /Gerard

One user in this thread from last year indicated that pressing the Esc twice was required to get out of a long text field with rich text enabled. They didn’t mention a platform, though, but that pattern holds true on my Mac. Maybe it’ll work on Windows as well.

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