How to only watch records that were updated


My app keeps data on my server in sync with changes made to Airtable. My question:

What is the best way to subscribe to record updates when using the blocks API?

The useRecords hook simply returns all of the table’s records when a record is modified so it doesn’t seem the best way to keep track of updates. It looks as if the best way to do this is to write a custom useWatchable on all the records of the table so that I receive individual records as they get updated but I’d like to know if there’s a more elegant solution than this.

I’d also like to know if there’s a native way to get notified via callback or event when a new record is created or if I’ll have to keep track of this on my end.

Many thanks

I ended up running .watch() on all the records and saving which records are being watched so that I don’t watch them multiple times. It looks as if this will work for me.

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