How to open a url link as a popup window?


The button field in Airtable opens a url in a new window. Instead I would like to open the url as a popup window. Can I do this in Airtable?

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @Vidhya_Sankaran! :smiley: Unfortunately that kind of option isn’t possible. Airtable simply sends the URL to your browser. What the browser does is out of Airtable’s control, and any options you add to the URL itself would only get sent as data to the site listed in the URL. They won’t affect how the URL is opened. Popup browser windows are created by configuring a standard hyperlink in a web page. Because Airtable can’t guarantee where you’re using the button field (i.e. web browser, desktop app, or mobile device), it can’t reliably give you any way to control how the target web page is opened.

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