How to Organize

I work for a scene shop and we build for big clients: cruise ships, museums, theaters etc.

Goal: I want to be able to view every job that’s in a department at any given time. I want to know everything that’s in the paint shop, from the fake brick panels for the cruise ship to the statue pedestal for the museum.

Problem: I’ve got each client set up with their own tab. From what I’ve read this is an undesireable form of physical data organization rather than logic organization, why not have a column with a single select ‘client’ option, and create a view from that, right? My problem with that is that I have one tab with about 5000 records and about 100 different views that i’ll have to scroll through to find the data I need. ‘Client A, Show 2, Drawings In Progress’ ‘Client A, Show 2, Drawings Approved’, ‘Client X, Welding’ ‘Client X, Paint’.

Tabs are an amazing way to break this down into multiple chunks of info, but I want to be able to click the “Everything from all the jobs that’s in paint right now” view, and have it aggregate data from all the different tables… help!

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