How to paste data in a "Multiple select field" and get multiple choices, and not single ones


I have a table with +400 records, and I want to ask a question about a “Multiple Select” column. How can I upload (or paste) separate records that I have in a CSV file, and put all of them as different categories in a “Multiple Select” column?

The context of this is that I have a Form in FormAssembly and currently in the Multiple Select column I have countless records of unique categories, that include records that merged several categories (we had pre-defined 12 options).

Here is a screenshot of how it currently looks

I’m trying to solve this in a separate Spreadsheet where I created a CSV file with this column, I separate it but with formula and manually into different columns, and now I want to go back to Airtable and organize the “Multiple Select” column.

Does someone have any advice for how to do this?

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