How to pick multiple values from one table & Store in another Table multiple columns

Hello team,
am facing an issue in getting multiple columns values from a table and store in different table with multiple columns

For eg: In a legal system , we have an one case number and case was failed by the party. so again the party appeal in high court for the same issue. so different case number issued at high-count

so if new appeal is happening on this case, then if user select the old case number then it will auto fill to the columns fields with the previous values,
means if old case number is 200/2020 and other field like case subject, claim amount, etc

once new case comes with new number (201/20221) when goes to appeal, if user select the old case number as 200/2020 it will select or pull all the fields such as case subject, claim amount etc

Hello all ,
kindly help me in this issue pls

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