How to pull in information with conditions


I have a table called “Conferences Costs”
I have a table called “Conferences”

In Conference Costs, I pull in the conference name from the “Conference” table. After that I have a column called “Year in Review”. This is the year that the conference falls under for budget reasons. I also have a column that has a check box “are we attending?”.

In the conference table, I want to pull in Year in Review information but only if the checkbox is checked.

How would I do this?

  • In your [Conference Costs] table, add a formula field called {Review if Attending} or something. Use a formula like this: IF(AND({Year in Review}, {Are we attending?}), {Year in Review},BLANK()). This will repeat the Year in Review information only if you are attending. You can hide this field from view if you’d like.
  • In your [Conferences] table, add a Lookup field that points to {Review if Attending}


Thank you again for the help!!