How to pull specific fields from one base to another


Hello everyone,

I am new to Airtable and hoping this will be a solution for my business.

Before I get into my issue, I’ll explain a little bit about my database. I own a machine shop and am wanting to use Airtable to enter job information and print job travelers to send out to the floor.

I am working with 2 databases. The main database being the “Job Tracker” which keeps track of each specific job. The other being my “Client” database. The main purpose of this is to reduce data entry and hold all the contract information for the client.

My issue is with Airtable I can easily create a link to the “Client” database. This displays the “Contact Name” which is the primary key. I can click expand and bring up the entire record. Ideally, I want to be able to select the Contact and populate fields in my main “Job Tracker” database with the contact information (phone, e-mail, and company).

The reason this is important is I am using a ZAP that automatically populates a form. Since Airtable only brings the primary key this is all the data that the form gets.

My experience with database work is very limited, so please bear with me.

Any help/guidance would be extremely appreciated!




I finally found another user with a similar issue and I think I have the problem solved with the lookup field!


Bases currently cannot be related. There are more topics about:

I think this is the most popular: Link to other base

You cannot get data from other Base with the Lookup field. You could use it if you merger this 2 Tables, what I think is a good idea :hugs: