How to query a table ... or do I always have to process all records?

In the API definition for RecordQueryResult it says

A RecordQueryResult represents a set of records. It’s a little bit like a one-off Airtable view: it contains a bunch of records, filtered to a useful subset of the records in the table.

but in the API for Table there’s no way I see to filter when calling selectRecordsAsync(). Is there no way to query only a subset of rows in the table, i.e. the equivalent of a SQL WHERE clause? If so, what is the RecordQueryResult documentation referring to regarding ‘filtered to a useful subset’?

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You can call selectRecordsAsync() from a view instead of a table to get only the records in the view. If you want a different method of filtering, you need to do the filtering yourself after you get the records.


++1 on pulling from a view. Additionally, you can add the fields you want to pull in between the parentheses of selectRecordsAsync() so it looks like selectRecordsAsync({fields:['Field Name 1', 'Field Name 2']) This will only pull those fields from the table. It helps because if your table’s huge you’re not pulling more than you need.