How to query and get a list of records from Airtable? filterByFormula not working

I have a list of Item Codes in a google sheet. Everytime a row is created in the sheet, I have to search Airtable base and find the records filtered for that Item Code. I tried it using the following 2 ways;

  1. Find a Record Zap for Airtable : This returns only one record whereas my query will return multiple records.
  2. Airtable API : I have am using WebHooks zap to do a GET on the Airtable API. While this works, my filterByFormula configuration doesn’t seem to work. I’m using the following as the formula;
    {Field Name} = step1:Item Code

Any help is appreciated.


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Thats a simple automation, that you can easily make in Integromat.
Integromat is an app like Zapier, but more flexible and powerfull.
It has Airtable and GS modules. Created much integrations like that, also using it’s filter by formula.
Integromat is easy to use, but if need help let me know.


@SDOK_Blog how do you compare two lists? when one element is contained in the other list the process should be stopped. Integromat has an api Limit auf 300 seconds. I tried to retrieve the list but it compares all values step by step. In Python it would be so easy. Any idea?

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