How to quickly create a table with a large number of fields


Hello, and thank you in advance for any assistance here.

I have two tables:

Table A, in which each record is a specific task, with the fields representing task characteristics – task category, due date, urgency, etc.

Table B, in which each record is a specific client, with the fields representing client characteristics – top-level organization, primary contact, value, etc.

I would like to create a third table to track the completion of tasks by client. Each task in Table A applies to each client in Table B. As I imagine the new table, each row is a task, and each column is a client.

My question is whether this new table can somehow be created by combining/linking Table A and Table B, or whether it will need to be created manually.

I do realize that some simple CSV export-import and copy-paste work can accomplish this task. The question stands, however, as I would want the third table updated as new data is added to Table A (records) and Table B (fields).

Thank you again.