How to remove specific values from ARRAYUNIQUE(Value) Rollup?


I have a table for companies, and a table for people.

Every people has a link to one company.

I have a table for meeting between people, with a linked field to people and a Lookup to find the corresponding company for each of the people in the meeting.

My meetings include several people from the same company (mine), but I want to have my primary field to show only the name of the company that is not mine (Let’s call my company Company X)

As a result, for a meeting including 3 employees of my company (Company X), and 1 external person from Company Y, my “Companies” lookup field looks like: “Company X”, “Company X”, “Company X”, “Company Y”

I have managed to create an intermediate rollup with arrayunique(value) that shows only the unique values, so I end up with “Company X”, “Company Y”.

I would like to know if there is a way to only display “Company Y”, with a formula that removes any instance of Company X.

Hope my request is clear, thanks in advance for helping.