How to Report Bugs?

How the heck do I report bugs now?

I have a linked record field that is supposed to be limited to a specific view. It works most of the time, but often enough, the entire linked table is exposed. When this linked record is functioning properly, I can hit enter, then enter again and select the desired record, as it is the first in the list.

When it isn’t working properly and I do the same enter + enter combo, I select a name that shouldn’t be there. When the box closes out, no record is displayed in the linked record field. That is great, but something VERY ODD happens.

The situation is this:

Each project has several project contacts
Each project contact is associated with one other contact (usually myself)

While working on a project, if I need to add a new project contact, I simply click add new record
From there, I select my name from the limited view linked record.
When this doesn’t function properly, I mistakenly select the name of the first contact in my contacts table.
This contact then does not show up in the linked record for the project contact (I assume, because Airtable recognizes that the contact is not part of the filtered view, despite having been able to see it in the dialog).
After seeing no contact, I try again and select my name.
I close out the project contact box after completing the entry.
But when I close this out and get back to the project table, I see the new project contact PLUS the contact that showed up in the link to the project contact.

It makes absolutely no sense.

Happy to report this bug to the proper channel, but I cannot determine where that proper channel is…

I thought the forum had a bug section previously, but that appears to have disappeared.

Hi @Chris_Herrmann1,

Sorry you’re running into an issue! Reporting bugs directly to our support team is preferred - you can contact us via the in-app help menu, or directly in the contact form on this page.

I suppose I use the form at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Other’ from the drop down?

Correct @Chris_Herrmann1!

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