How to return a value from a previous record by date


I am wondering if I can use AirTable for a little analysis of some sports results. The following example is a simplified, similar version of what I am trying

My main data table is a list of scores from football games by date:

1st Jan 2019 Liverpool 2-3 Everton
1st Jan 2019 Arsenal 1-0 Watford
7th Jan 2019 Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal
7th Jan 2019 Watford 3-1 Everton

The date, home team, home goals, away goals, away team are all individual fields/columns in the table.

Can I produce a second table that will list goals per team by date. Something like this (sorry if formatting isn’t great):
1st Jan 2019 - 7th Jan 2019
Arsenal 1 0
Everton 3 1
Liverpool 2 2
Watford 0 3

Any help or advice on this or something similar would be very much appreciated


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