How to rollup values based on date field

Looking for some insight here. Tried searching all around, but I can’t figure this out.

In my base I have a table where I enter products as they are being produced, recording the widget, the quantity produced, and the day it was produced. These widgets are grouped into categories which are linked to a “category” table.

On the other side of things, I have another table where I’m recording the raw inputs as I’m using them, linked to the same categories table as the widgets.

Every day, we tie out the inputs with the outputs to make sure that everything lines up. I would like to have a permanent record tieing out these numbers in my base. I know that I can do rollups based on dates but it’s always something that has to be static, ie sum everything from yesterday. I would like to pick a date in a date field and then sum up all the widgets produced and raw materials used on that date.

Is there a way to do this? Hopefully, this makes sense. Please let me know if I can clarify in any way.

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