How to see an overview of my Tables & Fields & links

Hey all, I have been using Airtable for a few years now and I’ve got quite a few complex tables happening these days. Which is fun. But can also be frustrating.

I am wondering whether there is any table or function that will allow me to view all of my fields in the one place, along with their linkages, their field types, descriptions, and their options (eg if it’s a single select, the options to select).

Does such a thing exist?

A particular use case outside the general described above would be when we are planning to build a new website. What I like to do is create different tables in Airtable to wrap my head around how the new website’s database would look. But I’d be able to better plan this if I could see an overview of field links with their respective options. Basically adding in another SUPER table showing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You might want to check out this tool:

Oh, and Airtable offers the base schema block:

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Thanks heaps Scott! I wish that block had more functionality than just showing the relationships, but it’s a start I guess. Cheers

Yes. Did you see the other tool that offers more functionality?

Yes I did thanks. I think the monthly price seems a bit steep. Do you really find it’s worth the outlay?

I’ve actually never used it, but yes, it does seem a bit pricey.

You can also check out the Meta Definition script.

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Awesome, thanks Kuovonne. Will give that a look.

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