How to Select a Specific Record for Automation Testing

Is there a way to choose which record gets referenced while setting up and testing an automation?

I am setting up some email automations and I want to avoid emailing an actual customer during the testing and trial process. I have a sample customer and a record using the sample customer’s information created; but the record that is referenced for use in the actions section is an earlier record referencing a real customer.

The record I want to use for all setup and testing purposes:

The record that is being automatically referenced for all setup and testing purposes:

I’m sure I could find a workaround by creating a blank new table or moving previous records around in some way, but it would be far easier to just select my sample customer’s record in my live table.

You can just create edit your view filters or condition filter to say “Name contains ‘Sample Customer’” and it will select that only.

Or create a checkbox that is called “Sample Data” and just set your filter or condition to “Sample Data = TRUE”.

Hope that works!

Thank you, Mike! This was an easy fix for setup & testing purposes.

After I set up and tested my automation with the sample customer first name condition in place as a safeguard, I was able to simply delete this safeguard condition. No additional testing was required to turn on my automation after deleting the safeguard condition, so in this example I ran no risk of emailing a real customer at any point.

This seems to be the best way to initially force a specific reference record.

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