How to send a copy of a form?


I would like that the customer who fills a form, receive a copy of the filled form. How to do that?


jou tarrat

Welcome to the community, @jou_tm! :smiley: Assuming that the customer entered their email address into one of the form’s fields, you could create an automation that emails their form data to them. The trigger would be a new record in the form’s table, and the action would be your choice of email options, with the email template built to include all of the relevant fields.


thanks. i see the automator options

Thanks Justin—I generally understand what you’re saying, but I’m running into problems actually setting up the automation here. Is there any chance you could provide a few screenshots of how you would set up that automation to email the form user (who is required to submit an email address) a copy of their response? I’m attaching a screenshot of where I’m running into trouble. (The test fails because it says the email field is empty.) Thanks so much!

Your setup is correct. Chances are you’ll need to re-test the trigger step. I’m guessing that you added the email address after making that trigger. The trigger doesn’t automatically refresh during the setup process, and requires you to re-test it to get any data you added to your fields since the previous test. You can always confirm the actual data pulled by the test by clicking on “Test ran successfully”, which will expand a list of all fields and the data collected from each one.