How to send a survey through Airtable to your contacts

I am new to Airtable so please be patient. I have my contacts for clients loaded into my Airtable. I want to send them all a survey. These are clients I work with regularly so this is not considered spam. Their responses will dictate how we will conduct business going forward. If I send a survey through Airtable, it keeps ending up in spam. I tried using a google form but, it limits me to sending out 100 emails at a time. I have thousands of clients that will receive the survey. Is there a way to send the survey through Airtable and have it go to their in box?

I’m not sure what you mean by “sending a survey through Airtable”, but I’m assuming that you’re trying to use Airtable as a mass emailing program? I’m not sure how you’re currently sending emails from Airtable, but typically you’ll need to use email management tools like SendGrid or MailChimp to send mass emails. Airtable has a SendGrid app built into it, which you may be able to use for your purposes.

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