How to set a date based on an option in a single select field

I’m using a single select field to note the different statuses in a production workflow. I’d like to create a field to mark the date that the record was set to a particular status, “Ready to Publish,” and keep that date persistent even when the status moves on to another stage.

I started with this formula, which does return the date something is set to the correct status:

IF(Status=“Ready to Publish”, TODAY(), “”)

But then goes blank when the status updates to the next stage. How can I make the date persistent after the status changes? Thanks for any help.

This isn’t possible directly within Airtable. You could use an integration service like Zapier or Integromat to do the job, though. My gut says that Zapier would be the easier of the two in this case.

In Airtable, create a view with a filter that only shows records with the status “Ready to Publish”. In Zapier, make a new zap using the Airtable “New Record in View” trigger, and target that “Ready to Publish” filtered view you just made.

For the Zapier action, use the Airtable “Update Record” action, and tweak its settings to update the same record that triggered the zap, adding the current date to the appropriate field.

Repeat this for all other statuses that you want to track. Each will have its own date field, its own view, and its own zap to update that date field.