How to set table record limit

Is it possible to set record limit in a table…If i created a table that will be contain 10 record max,this size should be fix .Can not create new row…is it possible kindly guide me…share some pic that help me easier

Unfortunately Airtable does not currently offer any way to limit the number of records in a table. You could sort of achieve this via automation, though, by using Zapier or Integromat to monitor the number of records in a table, and automatically remove any past a certain number. It wouldn’t literally stop someone from adding new records, but it would keep the total count where you want it.

Could you share more details about your use case where you want this behavior? Perhaps we can offer some guidance your design.

@Justin_Barrett i want to design a table that only contain 100 rows/records…When a user of my app try to input data, if any row(among 100) is vacant then that data will be store other wise pop up a notifier registration is full.

Unfortunately Airtable won’t let you prevent a user from entering data into a form. You’ll need to set up a more robust registration system that uses third-party tools to collect the data and manage the number of submissions before the data itself is stored in Airtable. I don’t have experience with setting up registration scenarios like this, so I invite others to chime in with suggestions.

Yeah, I would just use EventBrite to create the registration form for your event. EventBrite lets you set a maximum number of registrants per event, and it also lets you create a highly-advanced form as well.

Then, after the user has submitted the registration form, you can use Zapier or Integromat to send the information to Airtable.

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